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Dana Point Day Trips

When he found it, explorer Richard Henry Dana knew perfection. He called Dana Point the only cove in California. You might find some people who'd beg to differ, Nowadays, but all can agree that this part of the California coast is among the most scenic spots in Southern California. Blessed with a closeness and perfect weather Dana Point today is a favorite Flight to people from all over the state. It's hard to imagine, but in the turn of the century Dana Point was the only harbor between Santa Barbara and San Diego. Forget the rest, San Pedro and Long Beach.
If you happened to be traveling to this area by ship, dana point was your destination. The same haven that attracted people earlier mariners is still very much a port of call, but leans more toward pleasure craft with its 2, 500 slips that are often occupied with a big choice of expensive yachts and tiny boats that could make any Boat Show proud.

The Dana Point Marina, obviously, becomes the centerpiece to the region and the focus of paintings and pictures that are available in shops that are present. But wait, there is more. Several excellent public beaches are in this region along using dozens of good restaurants, a historical mission and, in nearby Laguna, lots of upscale shopping.

We made a quick trip up to Dana Point from our house near San Diego - a 45 mile drive and less than a hour or so. Residents of most areas near LA also could make it to Dana Point at less than 90 minutes. This is one reason the area became a favorite getaway - a great location that is easy to reach. For Northern California residents, it is Just a little bit further south than L.A.Our base of operations was this Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort and Spa, an impressive resort built on this cliffs overlooking this Dana Point Harbor.

All of the services and amenities you'd expect were there - a number of resort style restaurants, pools, Jacuzzis, tennis, a brand new 2, 500 sq foot physical fitness center and a brand new $8.5 million spa offering a host of services such as massages, body treatments and salon services. This 376 rooms resort had the sense of a comfortable beach hotel you may find in Hawaii. Whilst the beach in this case is a 15 minute walk, this hotel's spacious rooms are made in bright, well coordinated tropics colors. On these walls are five foot high paintings of boats and beaches and surfers, all reminding you simply where you're. If you are fortunate - as we were - to be at one of this coast view rooms, your private lanai will overlook a part of the harbor and coastline.